Ron Yarman Acoustic Sampler

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Edinboro Hotel Bar

Edinboro, PA, USA

Edinboro Hotel Bar
100 Meadville St
Edinboro, PA 16412
(814) 734-5103

Kosicek Vineyards - Ron Yarman Duo

Geneva, OH, USA

Kosicek Vineyards
636 OH-534
Geneva, OH 44041
(440) 361-4573


  1. Moment of Truth Ron Yarman 4:19
  2. Radio Turned Up (Studio Version) Ron Yarman 2:52
  3. Could You Be The One Ron Yarman 2:34
  4. Summer Nights Ron Yarman 3:44
  5. Beautiful You Ron Yarman 5:10
  6. Hold Tight Ron Yarman 4:10
  7. To Make You Believe Ron Yarman 3:21
  8. Moment Of Truth (Acoustic) Ron Yarman 3:55
  9. In Return Ron Yarman 3:13
  10. Radio Turned Up Ron Yarman 2:50
  11. Ever Wonder Ron Yarman 6:04
  12. Hard To Say Goodbye Ron Yarman 4:09
  13. Love Is Ron Yarman 2:38


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